Proof of Concept: Novel Plasma Separation Cards for HCV/HIV Quantification

(Presented at 2015 HEP DART in Maui, HI)  Summary:  This study evaluated the performance of a novel prototype plasma separation card composed of a polysulfone separation membrane and absorbent collection pad allowing the separation of cellular components and collection/stabilization of plasma at ambient conditions.

ING116070: A Study in Pharmacokinetics and Antiviral Activity of Dolutegravir in Cerebrospinal Fluid in HIV-1-infected, ART-Naive Subjects

(Clinical Infectious Diseases Advance Access publication published June 18, 2014)  Summary:  Median dolutegravir concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid were similar to unbound dolutegravir concentrations in plasma and in all subjects exceeded the in vitro 50% inhibitory concentration for wild-type viruses (0.2 ng/mL) by ≥ 66-fold, suggesting that dolutegravir achieves therapeutic concentrations in cerespinal fluid.  HIV-1 SuperLow Viral […]